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Could you Live in your Parking Space?

There is a new twist to down sizing. And it’s not the size of a Manhattan studio, or even the size of a European hotel room.  People are setting up house in a space the size of a SUV right here in Los Angeles.  The LA Times reported a story on the Olympic Studios in Santa Monica, California where individuals live in a 350 square foot space.

Is this just a fade or perhaps a shift in the mind set that in this day and age being practical is not only cool but environmentally sound?  We live in spaces full of stuff and clutter, which we like to hang onto as mementos of days gone by.  Or we just enjoy having the latest equipment, items, luxury cars and toys.  Is our worth tied to these possessions?  Do we really need to surround ourselves with so many unnecessary items to be happy?

I often hear, “I have too much stuff.”  It is funny how the majority of people use this phrase. Once we start the process of purging and readjusting their space they feel lighter, allowing new, fresh thought from within.  New healthy attitudes about life emerge, paving the way for downsizing.

Perhaps the era of bigger and extra no longer equates to more is better.  Having just what you need creates calmness and clarity within your space.  Hopefully this type of living will not just a trend, but a lifestyle saving your life and not breaking the bank.