Wellness Coaching

Achieving balance and harmony in your life…

Do you have a dream or desire to make it to the next level in your journey? Having your vision become a reality may take some simple steps. Jeffrey helps by listening and clarifying your needs, and setting up a tailored accountability system to prioritize a schedule in reaching your goals.

Health and Well-Being

IMG_1607-002Have you thought about how your space affects your health? Is clutter hindering your health and vitality? Bringing clarity to your space and life brings balance and manageability.

Jeffrey works in conjunction with Susan Dopart, a Registered Dietitian, and can assist in organizing your food and menus to achieve optimal health goals.

Organizing food:  working with training clients or staff to create and maintain healthy menus for your nutritional needs.

Grocery Shopping:  wouldn’t it be great to have someone help organize your food to accommodate your busy schedule?  Jeffrey will guide you through the process of healthy shopping, to bring home and store food accordingly.

Jeffrey is also trained in Motivational Interviewing – a client directed approach to help you with resolving ambivalence with behavior change in a collaborative way.