Real Estate

De-cluttering, rearranging, re-accessorizing and staging the space for sale…

Preparing your home to look its best for a sale is essential. Clearing clutter and organization is a key element which positively contributes to a quick and successful sale.

Jeffrey works in conjunction with agents to achieve a positive outcome for sales, purchases and leases. This process is done through clearing your space, organized storage and staging. For a potential, quick sale Jeffrey will assist with the following:

Depersonalizing the space – depersonalizing helps a seller to detach from the home and increases the buyer’s vision for their new life in the space.  This essential clearing process involves organization of the home, cabinets and closets, helping both the seller and the buyer.

SELLER: Clearing out before the move prevents the transfer of undesirable, non-essential items to the new home.

BUYER: Allowing potential buyers to envision where there personal belongings will be placed. When a potential buyer encounters cleaned, organized spaces it conveys the home was well maintained and is “move-in” ready.

Staging the space:  Often a few small adjustments enhance a homes’ charm and positive attributes. Small changes save on the cost of professionally staging a home.

Moving Out and Moving In:  Imagine having someone assist the packers and feel assured your valuable are taken care of?  And, of course how wonderful it would feel to walk into your new home with the kitchen and closets already filled with your belongings in their proper places. Jeffrey can oversee your move transition from the pre-packing stages to planning your house warming party.