Being sentimental about the past is okay, but not when it is pushing you out of your future…

As a Life Efficiency Expert Jeffrey can assist with –

  • de-cluttering spaces and setting up systems for organization
  • staff to set up systems of cleaning, shopping, or menu planning
  • planning and carrying out all stages of social engagements
  • working with contractors and decorators
  • organizing paperwork and putting systems in place to purge and keep your areas clutter-free

Services for your Business:

In this economy it’s crucial to have a business that runs smoothly and efficiently…

Jeffrey works with you and your staff to eliminate unnecessary costs and waste.  Making sure you hire people who understand and exhibit integrity, loyalty and efficiency is a key element.

An important part of running a business is keeping your labor cost and training dollars down. He assists with employee retention to run a cost effective business.

Jeffrey can:

  • Assist business owner with day to day guidance of running a small business 
  •  Evaluate needs, interview, train and hire staff 
  • Set up policies and procedures 
  • Organize and prepare for year end taxes