“Is your life a mess? Yeah, well whose isn’t? Can’t find anything because your desk/office/car looks like it went through a hurricane? Did your crummy cable get turned off because you forgot to pay the bill? Or couldn’t find it? Then you need Jeffrey B.

Take it from a couple who watched their house go up in smoke, and then moved 11 times in the 2 plus years it took to put it back together. (Don’t ask).

We never would have survived any of it without Jeffrey. And now that we’re finally back to our real lives as a crazed TV writer and a Beverly Hills doctor, Jeffrey keeps us organized and (relatively) sane. We can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Diana Kopald and Steven J. Marcus M.D. (THEDOC4KIDZ.COM)

Los Angeles, California


“Jeffrey has a creative and thoughtful mind. He gave me wonderful input for my office remodel, which I desperately needed for my free-lance writing career. ”

Myra Scott-Reifman, Former television news woman

Los Angeles, California


“As a general contractor in Los Angeles specializing in high-end residential construction, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jeffrey Batchelor over the last two years as he has employed his considerable organizational skills. In my experience, few activities require more thoughtful consideration than the arrangement of a client’s personal effects and helping them achieve lifestyle changes. Jeffrey is a master at both.”

Jordan Vannini, Construction Business Consulting

Sherman Oaks, California


“Jeffrey worked with me on organizing our entire house, which contained 10 years worth of clothes, kids’ stuff, knick knacks, and enough books to stock the Alexandria library. Jeffrey helped me gain an overview of what had to be done, and very methodically proceeded with me through the rooms and closets of the house to accomplish fairly easily what seemed like an impossible and emotionally overwhelming job. He is incredibly insightful and sensitive, and will help you organize a system around your needs and your ways of thinking.

For the first time in my life, I am able to find things easily. Whenever I think I may have misplaced something, I think WWJPI — where would Jeffrey put it — and I find it instantly.

Jeffrey provides a truly unique and valuable service. I look forward to working with him on maintaining my new found sense of order.”

Dr. Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, California