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The simple truth is that life is hectic and may feel out of control. Perhaps you have said, “If only I could get caught up it will be OK”. The reality is we all need some assistance at times, and the key to getting organized is setting up systems to carry us beyond the initial fix.

As consumers we are inundated with a plethora of organizational “help” items, which may just end up causing additional stress and clutter. Many times these “helps” may hinder your freedom of self advancement. The key to finding clarity for your clutter and stress may be finding the cause, and solutions to moving forward.

It may be simple to clear the clutter out, but that does not mean two weeks later you are not going to bring it all back in. Finding ways to create simple maintenance systems that are reasonable for you and your environment is what Jeffrey Batchelor does best. Jeffrey is an organizer in Santa Monica and Los Angeles and works with you for organizational solutions beyond today.

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                   Attention to detail is

                        one of the keys

                        to breaking free

                from your clutter prison…